National Veterinary Foundation

National Veterinary Foundation (NVF) is a registered body with the Govt. of India under Indian Trust Act, 1882. Found by Like-minded veterinarians who believe in education of the future veterinarians in very systematic and organized manner similar to the American or European Diplomat Colleges. Is working for upgrading of veterinary profession and research in India. Its objectives are to promote Indian veterinary research and industries in the world.

  • To eradicate or control the contagious and zoonotic diseases in human and animals.

  • To promote awareness about the pet health and diseases among animal lovers and create one health program in India.

  • To encourage young entrepreneurs in India and across the world to promote start up schemes in India and abroad.

  • To promote make in India products all across the world and generate employment amongst Indian youth.

    • NVF board and Executive Committee:

      Dr. Ajay Sood
      President & Founder
      Dr. Lakshmi Srinivasan
      Secretary & Founder
      Dr. Jasjeet Josan
      Hon. Treasurer & Founder
      Mr. Rishi Sood
      Joint Hon. Treasurer & Founder
      Dr. R. T. Sharma
      Founder Member & FASAVA representative
      Dr. R. Jayaprakash
      Founder Member
      Dr. Umesh Karkare
      Founder Member
      Dr. K. G. Umesh
      Dr. Narendra
      Dr. S. Ayyappan
      Dr. Yathiraj

      NVF Veterinary Community

      NVF Veterinary Community's mission is to guide veterinarians and young veterinary students for development of basic clinical skills through service learning and community outreach.

      Summary of Benefits